Rings > Silver or 14K GP Silver "360" Name Ring Band (Diamond Cut)
Silver or 14K GP Silver "360" Name Ring Band (Diamond Cut)
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 Available in Silver or Gold Plated SIlver. Size 6-12. 


To determine your ring size, get sized professionally with ring sizer or use the home guide below. Please wrap a piece of string or a strip of paper and measure against a ruler to compare your measurement to the chart below.

1. Find a piece of string or paper no wider than 3/4 inch.

2. Wrap it around the base of the appropriate finger.

3. Use a pen to mark the point on the string/paper where it overlaps, forming a complete circle.

4. With a ruler, measure the length from the starting end of the string/paper to the pen mark.

5. Use this measurement and the chart below to determine your ring size. 




 **This item is also available in solid 10K Gold by special request.  Contact us for solid 10K pricing or to place order. 



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